Picture of a plate of oysters - how to open an oyster how to shuck an oyster

We have beautiful fresh oysters for you to take home but did you know we’ll also open and dress oysters in the shop for you, so you can eat one as a snack or have some for your lunch?

Oysters are delicious and, when they’re from a trusted source, are really good for you. (Oysters are full of nutrients, vitamins & minerals and are known to increase metabolism, help with weight loss, boost your immune system, aid in tissue repair, reduce cholesterol, promote healthy growth, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and enhance bone strength!)

How to open an oyster

You may be put off taking oysters home to eat later because you’re not sure how to open them. Well we’ve made a little video that shows you how to open an oyster (some say how to shuck an oyster).

See, it’s easy once you know how! If you don’t have an oyster knife, just ask – we have them in the shop. Just be careful the knife doesn’t slip and hurt you.

You can eat oysters dressed, raw or there are loads of recipes for cooking them. Traditionally, they’re the perfect starter for valentines day, to make your evening that little bit more romantic.

Some questions we get asked

Can I open an oyster if I don’t have an oyster knife?

You can, but it’s more difficult and you’re probably more likely to hurt yourself.
We’d always recommend using an oyster knife as the easiest -and safest – method. Whatever you use a knife for, let the knife do the work; don’t force it, in case it slips.

How long will an oyster keep?

We would always recommend you eat oysters on the same day you purchase them from us.

What do I do with the liquid in the oyster?

The liquid in the oyster is called the liquor. How much you keep and eat (if any) is a personal choice.